Ben Holmen

Ben Holmen

Appears in 15 Episodes

15: Pocket of Big Dairy

Zuzana is a vegan (in her heart), Dave tries to describe Norwegian Brown Cheese, Ben reminisces about the 'Got Milk' campaign, and a lot more.

14: The Cheese Tube

Ben, Zuzana, and Dave return to discuss the best cheese for burgers, Ben's trip to view the eclipse, expensive toilets, Dave's trip to Laracon India, & more.

13: Schrödinger's Chocolate

Ben discusses tipping in America, Dave wants to be a hotel secret shopper, and Zuzana discusses her "nuclear grade" worms.  Plus roller coasters, Cabot Sharp Cheddar, ...

12: Keep It Fluffy

Zuzana is recording a new LinkedIn course, Ben talks about casseroles, Dave talks about his trip to Disneyland, & more.Links:Funeral PotatoesEton MessTeddie Peanut But...

11: Easter Whip

The crew is back (!) to discuss everything from how Dave edits the Mostly Technical pod to Seinfeld vs. Friends to something called the "Easter Whip" and a lot more.

Episode 10: Ben Goes to the Drive-Thru

The gang returns after a couple months off and we're going where the podcast has never been before: the Culver's drive-thru.  Plus Zuzana has a "luxury camel experienc...

Episode 09: The American Breakfast

We're back from Laracon (!) so naturally we had to record a podcast about Zuzana's first baseball game, Ben's last minute decision to attend, and Dave's love of random...

Episode 08: Corn Syrup Influencer

The Cheese & Weather crew makes their long awaited return as Zuzana reveals her connection to both corn and pizza, Ben dives into internet rabbit holes, and Dave gets ...

Episode 07: It's Gotta Be Corn

Zuzana thinks Americans have big cars, Ben has a corn deck, and Dave thinks about a midlife crisis.Links:Barkley Marathons - WikipediaRace Across the World - Wikipedia...

Episode 06: S Tier Sunrise

Dave is "that camel guy", Ben has containers full of bugs, and Zuzana needs some new shoes.Links:Photos mentioned in this episode

Episode 05: Food Powder

Dave takes us to History Corner, Ben dives into Geography Talk, and Zuzana has a conservatory.Links:

Episode 04: The Salsa Jar Problem

Zuzana's got a bucket list, Dave's feeling "snacky", and Ben dives deep into the biggest "Is It Cheese" question we've ever pondered.Links for this week's show:https:/...

Episode 03: The Curse of Knowledge

Dave's a fan of ChatGPT, Zuzana wants to eat hot sauce on stage at Laracon, and Ben introduces us to the most important question we've ever tackled: Is it cheese?Other...

Episode 02: The Pizza Belt

Dave insists that 'The Pizza Belt' exists and Zuzana & Ben need some convincing.  Plus some talk about how English is six languages in a trench coat, clotted cream, 90...

Episode 01: Bathfluencing

Ben becomes a bathfluencer, Zuzana goes in-depth on Lord Byron (who was apparently a wild boy?), and Dave wishes he fell off a camel.Links from this episode:Ben's show...

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